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In the News


3/13/00 Lead article in The New York Times , p. A1, FCC to Promote a Trading System to Sell Airwaves. Cites Spectrum Exchange’s 700 MHz auction. [pdf file of article]

Image of Front Page of 13 March 2000 New York Times (see top right corner)

“There is a severe spectrum shortage,” said Peter Cramton, an economics professor at the University of Maryland who as chairman of the Spectrum Exchange Group, a Washington company, is involved in a private effort to auction parts of the UHF television spectrum in conjunction with the broadcast auction.

“Consumers want better services,” Cramton said. “They want high-speed data. They want a connection every time they place a call on their cell phones, not three-quarters of the time. The needs for users right now are great.”

2/28/00 Speech by FCC Chairman William Kennard to CTIA, citing innovative private auction to foster clearing of Channels 60-69 [pdf]

“One industry proposal even calls for a private auction to run parallel with the FCC's auction in which local broadcasters would be able to auction the right to move their stations to their lower permanent channels. This is a very interesting and creative idea that deserves consideration. But even more may need to be done to clear this band to make it useable everywhere in the near term. We need your help to come up with creative, market-driven approaches that will serve the public's interest in having new high-speed wireless services as well as maintaining local television service.”
— Chairman Kennard

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