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Our Officers


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R. Preston McAfee

Vice-President and Treasurer

  Economics Department
University of Texas at Austin

Home page at the California Institute of Technology.

Preston McAfee is J. Stanley Johnson Professor of Business, Economics & Management, California Institute of Technology, and Director of Market Design Inc. Together with Robert Wilson and Paul Milgrom, Professor McAfee designed the mechanism used by the FCC for its spectrum auctions. He has also served on the auction design project team for new FCC spectrum auctions and for spectrum auctions in Mexico, Canada, and New Zealand, and has advised bidders in other auctions. McAfee led the MDI team which created the first free market in microwave transmissions, in Mexico. More recently, he has given advice to Lockheed-Martin, and served as the FTC’s economic expert for the Exxon-Mobil and BP-Arco mergers. Professor McAfee has published widely on auctions, pricing and antitrust. He has also taught at the University of Texas, University of Chicago, MIT, University of Western Ontario, and Purdue University. Professor McAfee received his B.A. in Economics from the University of Florida, M.S. in Mathematics from Purdue University, and M.S. and Ph.D. in Economics from Purdue University.


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